Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back: Better, Faster, Stronger

I'm back! After about a 4 year hiatus in this space, I plan on remaking my place in the security blogosphere. Not that I haven't been active since then in security - I have! And I've been involved in the community, too. But this space has been conspicuously vacant as I've tried to maintain a relatively low profile.

But now I'll be back to saying it publicly, rather than sending it through a corporate lens or self-censoring. I'll be posting as often as I find the time to cobble something together. If the past 4 years of output is anything to judge by, that will probably be a lot of stuff coming your way! And I'm going to try to play around with the content, format and delivery too. Keep it loose and entertaining, as well as informative.

One key to that, I think, will be to make better use of social media. I'm going to start off with Twitter, as that tends to be where most of my colleagues and peers gather. So if you haven't already, hit me up @beauwoods.

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