Monday, July 30, 2007

Schneier on the TSA

Bruce Schneier has been quite vocally critical of the Transportation Safety Administration in the past about what he calls "security theater." Well it appears that somebody over there was listening and wanted to address it. That somebody was the head of the administration. He invited Bruce to have a conversation with him and publish it on the blog in order to increase the transparency of the department. The first post in this series shows that even the TSA has a sense of humor about itself and makes a fairly persuasive argument that they actually are trying to keep us safe, not just piss everybody off.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of the conversation and hope that it helps to make the public more aware of the incredibly difficult job that these guys are trying to do. To actually be effective as a government agency requires a ton of work and dedication. But I think the TSA has begun to turn a corner and is headed in the right direction. After seeing their response to the "sippy cup" story, I realized that somebody over there was paying attention. They've got a website up now to set the record straight, or at least tell their side of the story and defend themselves. They've also been vocal about having security that actually, you know, makes us safer rather than just looks good.

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