Monday, September 11, 2006

Blog Goals

My goals for this blog are to help out people from all experience levels and backgrounds. I am hoping to get people to do more critical thinking about the world in which we live. I think those types of lessons can apply to more than just computer security. So I won't tell you about the latest products and trends, and I won't spout off about whatever is harshing my mellow at the moment (mostly).

What I will do is to try to give you strategies for solving problems and attempt to shape the way you attack them. And in the close of each post I'll try to relate things to the real world.

It may take me a while to work up to something productive and useful, so I ask you to bear with me while I work through my growing pains. I can't promise you that I'll deliver on a regular schedule, or that everything I put here will be relavent to your life. But I will promise you that I'll be honest to what I believe. Hopefully that will come across clearly, because if you can't make your thoughts cross from inside your head to inside others' heads, there's hardly a point in trying.

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